Defibrillators for Derbyshire Clubs

Derbyshire Cricket Foundation is delighted to announce that it is working with The Club Cricket Charity to help more cricket clubs and organisations across Derbyshire access defibrillators. The partnership builds upon the Club Cricket Charity and ECB’s highly regarded existing defibrillator scheme which thanks to ECB and Club Cricket Charity, funding is for the supply of a portable AED unit at a highly discounted cost of £600.

However, for Derbyshire primary-affiliated clubs, the first 20 units will be further subsidised by an additional £100 on a first-come-first-served basis meaning that the units will cost only £500 plus the annual support for the device of £126 +VAT.

This offer includes training, insurance cover for loss or damage as well as personal liability, stress counselling post event, and registration with local emergency services.

The offer is fulfilled by The Community Heartbeat Trust under their ‘Managed Solution’ scheme which was successfully deployed over the last 3 years with over 350 clubs and teams receiving portable units.

A cardiac arrest (the stoppage of the heart muscle) can be triggered by many factors: a heart attack; an undiagnosed heart condition; a ball hitting batsman or fielder in the chest or on the head. It can affect any age group from teenage to pensioner, and all between, player and spectator alike. This can be fatal if treatment is not commenced within five minutes of the collapse of the patient.

Many cricket teams play on cricket fields where professional help may not arrive within this very short timescale, but there is a potential solution by using the portable defibrillator – which gives an electric shock to ‘reboot’ the heart – whilst awaiting professional help.

The unit is designed to be extremely easy to use with a screen on the front of the machine showing how to use it, and a voice to explain each step of the treatment.  Full training of chosen personnel is part of the offer, either at your club or in the local community.

Please email for an application form.

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