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HOW to develop the women’s and girls’ game at your club?

We are delighted to share with you the resources to enable you to power thriving and sustainable girls’ sections at clubs across your county to achieve ECB’s and DCF’s ambitions to transform the game for girls’.

There is an editable Instruction Booklet and Development Planning excel document. These are available for you to use immediately for clubs who want to prioritised starting or growing a girls’ section this year.  These resources are there to take away the burden of writing a development plan in full from scratch, from club volunteers and make it as easy as possible for clubs to have their own

The resources can be found here:

Powering Girls Sections at Clubs – Development Planning Document

Powering Thriving Sustainable Girls Sections Instruction Booklet

WHY is developing the women`s and girls` game important?

Women make up 52% of the population but only 7% of our cricket playing population are female – this is our biggest growth opportunity across the game. There is considerable opportunity in the existing cricket club network to grow participation for women and girls – only 10% have women’s or girl’s section and churn is high. The launch of All Stars Cricket and Women’s Soft Ball has introduced new female players into the game and they now need an effective club offer to enable them to play regularly. The current level of club development support focused on women and girls is very small. On top of all the above there are lots of reasons for a club to provide Women and Girls opportunities to play, such as:

  • Traditional cricket demographic is no longer representative of society
  • More members
  • More men and children involved (if a club has a whole family offer)
  • More volunteers
  • More community connectivity
  • More social events
  • Increased revenue and accessibility to potential grant funding
  • More U18 girls = more U18 boys
  • Creates `if I can see it, I can be it` for girls

The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation provide opportunities to discuss and help grow clubs Women and/or Girls offer and are happy to meet with your club to discuss and provide help with this process.

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