Derbyshire ACO

What do we do?

We train, appoint, support and develop umpires and scorers in the county.  We run regular courses (mostly off-season), we hold social events and look after the interests of our 200ish members.


We have an active group of scorers within Derbyshire, from those who score for their club to those who score for Derbyshire CCC, County Age Groups and beyond. Our reputation within the ECB ACO is that of a county who will provide scorers for many different formats both within our county borders and beyond.  We have had scorers score for ECB School games, Age group festivals, England Women and more.

You can get more involved at your local club, they are always looking for scorers at all levels. The ECB ACO has a clear pathway for scorers that takes scorers from youth cricket to national matches.  It allows scorers to develop at their own pace and to their desired level.


Below are some of the key contacts of the DCB ACO:

– Secretary & Appointments -Jon Salisbury 07875 321108

– Membership – Dave Price 07973844338

– Umpires Training, Education & Courses – Adam Hitchcock 07849056893

– Scorers Training, Education & Courses – Jane Hough – 07891769146

How to get more involved?

The ECB ACO is a membership organisation that is responsible for recruitment, training, and development of all cricket officials across the country. You can join the ECB ACO through the link below: 

To become involved in the umpiring of games across Derbyshire, please contact Jon Salisbury.

For information about Umpire or Scorers courses, please contact Adam Hitchcock or Jane Hough.

To keep up to date with our latest information follow us on twitter @derbyshireACO or on our Facebook page Derbyshire ECB ACO

Current Courses

All face-to-face umpires & scorers courses are suspended until March 2021 at the earliest due to COVID-19.

Please follow the link below for the ECB’s online Umpires Stage 1 Course (with Stage 2 to follow).

Please follow this link for the Basics of Scoring Online Course:

If you would like any training on either PCS Pro or the Play Cricket App please contact Jane on the above email. This can be organised using video conferencing facilities.

Other News

We hold 3-weekly Zoom calls with our members in the county. These social events have proved very popular and usually take place on weekday evenings at 7:30 pm. We chat about the Laws, watch video clips, hold a club raffle, run quizzes, and look forward to the season ahead. If you’re interested in coming to one of these Zoom calls, please contact any of the officials above for the joining link.

Got a Question?

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