Umpire Courses

2022-23 Umpire Courses!!!


See below some information about the up-and-coming umpire courses across Derbyshire.

ECB Stage 1 Online

For anybody who is brand-new to umpiring and would like to give it a go for 2023.

This might be most suited to a brand new club umpire or someone who would like to start umpiring occasionally in league games.

Cost: FREE

Booking Link:,M3,653e1af6-1124-4486-b253-f9057d700f8e=

ECB Stage 2 Face-to-Face

This whole-day course is designed to equip those seeking to be regular new panel umpires with most of the laws & fieldcraft tools they will need.  That said, anyone with an interest is welcome to book, even if they’re unsure about umpiring next year.

Cost: £30

Venue: Belper Meadows CC

Booking Link:,M3,8e9c35cf-99be-49e1-b4e0-cf94026d0d46=

ECB Stage 3 Face-to-Face

This advanced modular course is split into 6 consecutive evenings for current umpires who aspire to be the best they can.

All current umpires (ideally with a year or two’s experience) are welcome to book.

Cost: £40

Venue: Belper Meadows CC

Booking Link:,M3,a33a87cc-fcae-4825-b505-63515c198daf=

Laws & Playing Conditions Forum – 9th Jan onwards (either free or a nominal amount to help cover costs, TBC)

In the new year I plan to hold an informal weekly forum where we will go Law-by-Law (including Law Changes and Playing Conditions relevant to each law) through the Laws of the game and share our knowledge & experiences.  This will likely be via Zoom, though if there is plenty of interest it could be face-to-face with Zoom in the background ‘hybrid’-style.  Anyone is welcome.

ANY QUESTIONS, CONTACT Adam Hitchcock on 07849056893

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