Support Coach Courses

ECB Support Coach is a new coach development programme consisting of e-learning and face-to-face modules that will help you take your first steps into coaching cricket.

Module 1 – Introducing ECB Support Coach

  • Introduces the core themes of the programme and helps prepare for the face-to-face module.

Module 2 – Supporting coaching

  • Role of an ECB Support Coach
  • What does support coaching look like?
  • Coaching – your turn
  • Player welfare and safeguarding
  • Coaching fielding, bowling and batting – your turn.

Module 3 – Being an ECB Support Coach

  • Explores how support coaches enhance players’ experiences using a variety of scenarios
  • Multiple choice question assessment.

Programme outcomes

This programme has been designed to give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to support qualified coaches. An ECB Support Coach is not qualified to lead coaching sessions independently and therefore must be supervised by a qualified cricket coach.


  • Supporting coaches and players
  • icoachcricket
  • Communicating with coaches and players
  • Supporting fielding, bowling and batting
  • Safety
  • Differentiation.

Who is it for?

Anyone aged 16 and over wishing to support qualified coaches, inspire players and make a difference to the game.


  • £40
  • 1 face-to-face module lasting 3 hours
  • 2 bitesize e-learning modules lasting 10-15 minutes each
  • Multiple choice question assessment.

Prerequisites for certification

  • Valid safeguarding training e.g. Safeguarding Young Cricketers
  • Valid ECB DBS.

Is this course right for me?

Check out the document HERE to see which coaching course meets your needs.

Upcoming Support Coach Courses

Support Coach –

Venue: DCCC

Dates: 1st April

Times: 9.00am-12:00pm

Booking Link:

Support Coach –

Venue: Denby

Date: 14th May

Times: 9.00am-12:00pm

Booking Link:

Support Coach –

Venue: Spondon (Female Only)

Date: 21st May

Times: 9.00am-12:00pm

Booking Link:

Support Coach –

Venue: Chapel En Le Frith

Date: 28th May

Times: 9.00am-12:00pm

Booking Link:

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