Guide to Adopting the Anti-Discrimination Code

  1. Adopt the Code, either through approval by your management committee or by amending your club constitution and getting it ratified at an AGM/EGM, whichever is appropriate for your club. You can find a copy of the Code here

  2. Identify somebody within your club who people should contact in the unlikely event that they wanted to raise any concerns about discrimination.

  3. Provide your club contact with training. This 30 minute on-line module from the ECB would be a good place to start, and may be helpful for other officials and captains within your club. Click here to complete the on-line module

  4. Communicate the Code to your members. This communication template might help.

  5. Let the DCF know if anybody does make any allegations of discriminations, and also if you need any assistance or support. You can contact them through this simple on-line form

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