Charitable Fundraising Committee

The Charitable Funding Committee will be chaired by a DCF trustee, and its responsibilities will include;

  • Work with the appropriate DCF officer to identify opportunities and a plan to generate restricted and unrestricted funding to support the objectives of the DCF.
  • Review and approve the allocation of funds raised to support community
  • Monitor the impact of projects supported by charitable funding and

Make recommendations to the DCF Board of Trustees on strategic opportunities relating to charitable funding and community projects.

Members: Rachel Flinn (Trustee & Chair of Charitable Fundraising Committee), Claire Twells (Trustee), Naseem Waraich (Trustee), Ryan Duckett (Trustee & CEO of DCCC), Richard Wood (Head of DCF) and Charlotte Flindall (Community Development Officer, DCF)

Meeting Frequency: 2 meetings a year

Last Meeting: January 2021

Next Meeting: April 2021

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