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Scorers Courses 2020!!

With less than 85 days to go before the start of the season, it’s time to start making sure that our scorers are all trained up! There are a selection of courses coming up to meet all your scorers needs:



9th February, 10am – 1pm at Spondon CC.  Focussing solely on the App this is a 3 hour workshop looking at how to link to play-cricket, input data and edit.  Free



9th February, 2pm – 5pm at Spondon CC.  Focussing solely on the laptop programme.   A free 3 hour workshop looking at the basics of PCS Pro


Club Scorer

23rd Feb, 1st & 8th March at Belper Meadows CC, 1pm – 5pm

Club Scorer is the course for anyone wanting scoring on a regular basis and is the only one to comprehensively teach you how to score. This course is suitable for complete beginners and existing scorers who want to improve their skills.  The course is £30 and includes one year membership to the ACO


Introduction To Scoring – Women and Girls only

4 March, 6pm  – 9.30pm at Spondon CC

The aim of this course is to provide you with the basic skills and knowledge to record a cricket match using the PCS App. It wont teach you everything you need to know, but it will give you the tools and confidence to get started in pairs cricket. Topics covered include: setting up a match, recognising umpires signals, understanding the symbols on the app. This course is for women and girls only and will focus on pairs cricket


PCS Pro – Hints and Tips

7 April, 6.30pm – 9.30pm at Quarndon CC

For anyone who has used PCS Pro but would like some extra help.  If you have someone at your club who is your holiday cover then this is for them,  No booking, just come along.


DLS Training

The Premier League and some cup competitions will continue to use DLS.  I currently haven’t planned any refresher training, but will be more than happy to run something if its needed.  Could you let me know if you would like a refresher.

We have run several Professional Development days for scorers wishing to progress with their scoring.  If you would like more details please get in touch with Jane Hough at

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