Rachel Flinn

Professional Background

I started my professional career managing a construction company, before embarking on a 20+ year career in the real estate industry. During this time I have worked in a number of roles within the commercial and residential sectors, as well as managing the family portfolio of residential lettings properties. In 2019, I joined RDS Global as Marketing and Partnerships Manager, which presented the challenge of applying my skillset to a completely different industry.

Why did you become a Trustee?

I originally helped out during the DIY SOS-style makeover, which gave me an inside view of the amazing work that the foundation does. I became a Trustee to contribute to the continuation of this work.

How do you believe that you can help the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives?

I believe that my experience in organising and marketing events, including gaining sponsorship and buy-in from the local business community, can be a real asset to the plans of the Foundation. I am confident that I can support the Foundation in raising much needed awareness and funding, by leaning on my 20+ years of marketing experience. I’m also willing to “get my hands dirty”, such as when the DIY SOS-style makeover of the old changing rooms happened and I was happily knocking walls down and laying carpet!

Any other information you would like to share?

Ever since I first got involved with the inaugural T20 Walkathon I have loved every minute of my time working with the Foundation. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to support the amazing Foundation team and the work that they do.

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