Jonathan White

Professional Background

Legal and Compliance Director at a public limited company. 20 years + of experience as a solicitor, specialising in managing law firms, regulation, in house legal issues, and public affairs.

Why did you become a Trustee?

Cricket has changed my life for the better. I rarely go anywhere without seeing someone I’ve met through cricket! Cricket has given me joy and pain in equal measure and I’ve developed so many skills and friendships. I want as many people as possible to benefit from the cricketing opportunities that have been so valuable to me.

How do you believe that you can help the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives?

I’m used to challenging and supporting management teams to meet their objectives and hope to apply my work-based skills to the Foundation. I’m incredibly passionate about the Foundations objectives and when you believe in something strongly – its much easier to make things happen.

Any other information you would like to share?

My cricketing claim to fame is that I came up with the name for the All-Star’s mascot ” Twinkle “! My daughter and I had a wonderful day at T20 finals day as the prize. Since then my daughter has been mad keen on cricket and is now part of the Derbyshire girls’ pathway.

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